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Meet The Team


Yannick Brown

As one of the newly elected members on the PTO board at West Lab, I am very excited and looking forward to working together with this wonderfully diverse group.  We are more prepared than ever and ready to embrace the challenges ahead. Let’s make our little ones proud.


As a proud parent of two Westlab students I am looking forward to serving the School Community as we welcome the 2021-2022 school year. I am excited to serve and collaborate with my fellow PTO board members, parents, and school staff to make Westlab a better place to work and learn. Hoping to bring our kids the excitement of many more enriching in-school and after school activities.

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Our family is thrilled to be part of the amazing West Lab community. I am excited and humbled to be able to give back, volunteering to make our school grow. I look forward to work with all the PTO Team and the rest of the West Lab families to keep our school in the top ranks of Miami and Florida.

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I am looking forward to contributing to the community as PTO Secretary. I have 3 young boys, Axel will be in 3rd grade next year and Max will be entering Kindergarten. I have a background in styling and production for photo shoots and events. I spent 20 years as a Style Editor for lifestyle magazines, my editorial work as a writer and producer for photo shoots will be helpful with the various events and programs we will be putting together this coming year. 


My family feels at home at West Lab and I am happy to contribute to its continuous improvement by practicing the values that we endorse. It is my honor to serve along with our outstanding staff, teachers and parents who are motivated and dedicated and constantly inspire me.


Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to be on the PTO board. My daughter feels safe here and most importantly is having FUN because West Lab feels like home! I look forward to working with this passionate and diverse PTO Board alongside all our WL parents, staff, and teachers. Let’s have a great year and always remember to BE KIND to one another!

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I have enjoyed being a part of the PTO since 2014. Volunteering at West Lab has given me the opportunity to make friends that are like family. I am looking forward to continuing to work with our school staff, teachers and parents.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

We are happy to welcome your ideas and helping hands in the organization and execution of events and fundraisers!

Write to us and let's get to it!